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Access Office Technologies was founded in 1979 as The “Typewriter Works” by a local entrepreneur who saw the need for quality service of business equipment. It was apparent that businesses had a need for typewriters and typewriter service.  Very quickly the additional need for service and the appropriate maintenance of adding machines, cash registers, and copiers, also became apparent.  This equipment was then included in the growing list of products supported by The “Typewriter Works” personnel.

In the early 80’s, the office machine business took on a new perspective as electronics became more advanced. New and updated products quickly began to appear on the scene. Typewriters gave way to word processors, adding machines became calculators and facsimile machines revolutionized the business process and forever changed normal business timelines.

Quickly, personal computers appeared and soon reached a price level which made them available to large and small businesses who wanted to increase productivity. In order to stay current with technology and support the new electronic equipment, The Typewriter Works name was changed to Access Office Electronics in September, 1989. The new name reflected the advanced electronic products more accurately.

Most recently, in August 2004, we again recognized an evolution in Technology.  We examined our expanded products and services offering,  and determined that Electronics didn’t accurately describe what we were selling and servicing.  Hence, the name change to Access Office Technologies.


~Jim Becker, President and CEO